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                             US OLD DOGS STILL SERVE

 Director / President---Scott Stalker

 I am proud to serve my state and country. I was a member of the Nevada National Guard.
 I was sent to Iraq July 4th, 2006 through September 10th, 2007. While there I had the
 opportunity to talk to a lot of soldiers in the National Guard and Reserves from all over the
 country. I told them of what I wanted to do to help them and their families when they return
 from their tour of duty.

 So I began helping soldiers and their families with problems they faced while on
 active duty. Their families have problems while their soldier is deployed. Some families
 lose money do to the pay cut the soldiers have to take when they get deployed. Some
 families need assistance with getting their light bill paid. Others need food and clothing
 for their children.
 It is hard to ask for any type of assistance from anyone. What these families go through
 is no walk in the park. They worry about their soldier that is far away. When they get their
 phone call from their soldier it puts a smile on their face. And the soldier knowing that they
 can talk to mom, dad, grandpa,and grandma brings a brief moment of happiness to them.
 Just for the spouse to hear," I love you" brings a feeling of warmth from within.
 Helping these soldiers and their families is what we do. Just think if everyone could
 donate one dollar a week. It would go far to help these soldiers and families.

 I want to say thank you for stopping by and checking our web site out.  Please pass our
 website along to others if you will.

 " They have our backs, we have their backs."

 Thank you
 President (SAFF)
 Scott Stalker